UPVC Window

A seamless passage to your balcony and garden thanks to aluplast sliding doors: living space and garden merge into one room. Experience a brand new standard of living.

Open your home to nature and maximise your living space with ALUPLAST's new Slide Fold Doors and Windows.This new generation multi pane system enables you make the most of home.

The innovative slide and fold technology allows the user to move each individual pane of door along the track to create a variety of opening sizes.The panes stack away neatly at the one side of the door to create the biggest opening possible.

Unlike the traditional folding doors, the panes or not run on wheels.Once the main panel has been opened, the other panes easily slide along a low-friction track.

The Slide Fold doors & windows can be fitted with either single or double glazong for enhanced thermal and weather performance.

Lift-and-slide door 85 mm

Leaves no wishes unsatisfied ...

Why compromise? The 85 mm lift-and-slide door meets all demands when it comes to design and functionality: unique views, excellent heat insulation and extremely easy to use.

UPVC Lift-and-slide door 85 mm
Lift-and-slide door 85 mm

Sliding door systems Mediterranean and southern countries

These aluplast sliding door systems were developed especially for Mediterranean markets and hot countries and therefore meet the demands typical of these markets.

The systems are available with various construction depths and are compatible with aluplast's range of accessories, meaning there is almost no limit to the range of connections available. These systems are available as both windows and balcony doors.

UPVC Window- Mono Slide
Mono Slide
UPVC Window Easy Slide
Easy Slide
UPVC Window Multi Slide
Multi Slide

Advantages of Slide & Fold Doors

  • Solid, high security wall when closed

  • Easy to operate

  • Slide and stack one panel at a time on a low-friction track

  • No unskightly hardware visible

  • Seamless beautiful lines

  • Excellent thermal and weather performance

  • Up to panels, maximum door height 2.4m

  • Enjoy more living space with this space saving window/door

  • Flexible opening options

  • Increased reliability, no wheels